Community Guidelines

These community guidelines are heavily inspired by Support’s User Guidelines, which can be found here. They are also influenced by the Community Engagement Guidelines from Massive Science, which can be found here.

This blog is going to be a place where people can gather online to share their comments, questions, and concerns about media-related issues. Every member of this community has the right to share their thoughts, but they must do it in a respectful manner.

I expect every commenter to be respectful and civil to every user they interact with on this blog. There will be no tolerance for hatred and bigotry. Values such as politeness and understanding are heavily encouraged.

I would like for this community to look out for each other. Please flag any comments that you deem inappropriate for this blog by leaving another comment alerting me to your request or by emailing me using the information on my Contact page.

For the sake of keeping this community as safe and welcoming as possible, I will be removing any comments that I deem inappropriate. Examples include comments containing threats toward an individual or group, sexual or violent content, the sharing of private information, and spam. Comments containing harmful material, such as a virus, will also be deleted.

I will be instituting a temporary ban on users that continue making inappropriate comments. This temporary ban will include a three strike system. The user making these comments will receive 2 warnings for each time they violate these rules, and the third strike will result in a ban of anywhere from 1 week to 1 month, depending on the severity of the comment.

Please be sure to ask for help if you do not understand the rules or how to abide by them. You can do this by contacting me or another community member.

I want this blog to be as inclusive as possible, but I cannot do this without my readers. I am thankful for every single reader that loves and contributes to this blog.