Introduction to Media Literacy Education Websites

Media literacy education is one of the most important aspects of modern society. I have decided to take you on a journey to help you explore three different websites that can help you find resources to learn more about media literacy. These three websites are all related to media literacy education, and I highly recommend checking all of them out.

The first website that I introduced in this video is News Literacy Project. I focused specifically on the “For Everyone” resources tab, but the entire website is full of great information. The For Everyone tab is one of my personal favorite sections of the website because of how engaging it is. All of the resources provided on this page are easy to use and they are designed to help people of all ages.

The next website is Media Literacy Now, and I am focusing on the “Resources” tab. This section of the website is broken up into resources for educators, resources for parents, resources by topic, and resources by state. I love how organized this website is because it makes it easier to navigate and find exactly what I am looking for.

The last website that I explored is Common Sense Education. You might have previously used the Common Sense Media website to evaluate media content, but the education part of the website focuses on resources and tools that educators can use to teach their students about media literacy.

Happy exploring!

My video can be found on YouTube if it does not work here for any reason.

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