The Evaluation of Misinformation Research and Tools

Fake News: Get Vaccinated! The language used in the CNN article about the misinformation video game is very scientific and confident. It portrays misinformation as a disease and the game as a vaccine that can fix it. While it addressed their limitations, the article makes the game creators, Jon Roozenbeek and Sander van der Linden,… Continue reading The Evaluation of Misinformation Research and Tools

The Impact of Misinformation

When I began thinking of ways that misinformation has impacted me, I realized that this question is very difficult to answer. I don’t think that I am an expert at misinformation in the slightest, but I have been using technology my entire life and I have learned how to avoid having immediate emotional reactions to… Continue reading The Impact of Misinformation

24-Hour Media Diet

6 a.m.: Wake up and watch television for a few minutes. The show Black-ish was playing so I watched a few minutes of that before checking my Twitter and Instagram accounts. I primarily use my accounts as ways to keep up with pop culture, so I saw a lot of Tweets about the new Scream… Continue reading 24-Hour Media Diet