Security and Privacy

Digital security is something that I didn’t think much about until recently. I only use my laptop for school and my phone has always seemed relatively safe, but now I am realizing that I need to take more steps to keep myself safe. Current Approach: The main precaution that I take is using multifactor authentication.… Continue reading Security and Privacy

Extra Credit: My Advice

To whom this may concern, Today‚Äôs digital world can be scary and tricky to navigate. The best way to protect yourself from this dangerous ecosystem is to take the proper safety precautions and be cautious about what you read and share online. The most important safety tip for protecting yourself online is to keep your… Continue reading Extra Credit: My Advice


The idea of being in complete control of our digital lives is almost nonexistent in modern society. Issues ranging from legal problems to moral disputes have plagued the internet forever, but the growing power of social media companies is slowly infringing upon our control over our online presence.  The issue that concerns me the most… Continue reading Control